A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Since the dawn of time, stars have controlled mankind... 

The goal of this level is really up to you, You can use the stars to wage war between the two populations or keep them at peace. Arrange incoming stars to influence the populations on the planet below. 

Star types: 
- Gather: draws the population toward it 
- Scatter: drives the population away 

- Aggro: inspires the population with an attack buff 
- Defense: hardens the population with a defense buff 

All star types can be combined into constellations. Use them to strategically lead one group to planetary dominance. 

Colin Allman - Programmer - colinallmangame@gmail - www.colinallmangame.com 
Michael Baker - Programmer - @teknic
Alex Evans - Sound Design - aevanssound@yahoo.com - www.alexevanssound.com 
Hunter Lawson - Artist - HunterAugustLawson@gmail.com - www.hunteraugustlawson.com 


StarbinderWIN.zip 24 MB
StarbinderAPP.zip 26 MB